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Best enrichment centers in Singapore 2020

When it comes to your kid’s education, you should never settle for anything less than the best.

Enrolling your kids in any of the leading enrichment centers in Singapore will not only make them more social and outspoken but will also boost their brain development. This is going to set them apart from their peers, and ultimately give them a head start in life.

 As you likely know, Singapore is home to a lot of enrichment centers. While all of them claim to have high teaching standards and qualified teachers, only a handful of them actually do.

This article contains the intricate information you need to narrow down the best enrichment centers in Singapore.

The following article by Tallypress unveils some of the best enrichment classes in Singapore.

 Top 10 Child Enrichment Centers in Singapore                  

These days, parents like to give their children a headstart with their education by enrolling them in Child Enrichment Centers. Whether it’s to develop their math or artistic skills, these Top 10 Child Enrichment Centers are a great way to keep your kids intellectually occupied. Right Brain Teaching is a Japanese concept can even be taught to babies and toddlers! Kids will be taught to hone their right brain abilities such as photographic memory, speed calculation, sharp analytical thinking, focus and more. Read more here.

 The above article has certainly broadened your horizon and given you a sneak peek of what actually happens in some of the leading enrichment centers in Singapore. The article also brought to light what makes these centers unique and somewhat better from others out there. If you are looking for enrichment classes that are worth their tuition, the next article is for you.

The following article by Theasianparent sheds light on some enrichment classes that are totally worth it.

 Top Enrichment classes in Singapore that are totally worth it!

We all know that enrichment classes in Singapore are highly sought after! Many Singaporean parents spend most part of their weekends rushing their kids from one enrichment class to another. But just why do parents invest this much of time, money and energy for enrichment classes in Singapore? For some parents, it is about holistic brain development and for others it’s about motor skills development. There are also parents who want to start training their child’s IQ from as young as 6 months (yes there are classes for such things, believe it or not!) Read more here.

The above article has likely changed the way you see enrichment classes. The article explicitly discussed the perks of enrichment classes and why more and more parents in Singapore are signing their kids up for them. As can be seen in the article, speech and drama classes, sports classes, and music classes are among the top-rated classes right now and are totally worth their price tags.

The following article by localguide unveils some 6 enrichment centers in Singapore that can scale your kid’s physical and mental performance.

6 Best Enrichment Centers in SG to Scale to Greater Heights

 What are the essential ingredients for your children to succeed academically? Other than talent, hard work, and effort, they also have to be equipped with character traits and learning strategies to become effective life-long learners. As such, an enrichment centre that is able to cultivate a nurturing and disciplined environment for your children to learn in will do wonders for their long-term development and growth, both inside and outside the classroom! With that said, here is a list of the 6 best enrichment centres in Singapore that will pave the way for your children’s future academic growth! Read more here.

You surely now understand how enrichment centers can help instill discipline and build character in kids. You also now know some six enrichment centers that have helped thousands of kids become excellent professionals in Singapore. If you want your kids to reach their potential, you should consider enrolling them in any of the centers unveiled in the above article.

Final note

As the loving and caring parents you are, you need to do whatever you can to give your child a head start in life. An effective way to do this is by enrolling your kid in a good enrichment center.

Many of the top enrichment centers in Singapore offer classes on everything from music and drama to sports and math.

Giving careful consideration to the needs of your child will make it easier for you to narrow down the best enrichment class for him.

If you are looking for an enrichment centre in Singapore, visit ThinkersBox to give your child a head start in brain development!

Amazing enrichment classes for kids of all ages in Singapore

Do you want your kids to do better academically, speak better, make more friends, and have fun? If yes, you should consider enrolling them in any of the many enrichment centers in Singapore.

These centers offer classes that can increase the IQ of your kids, make them analytical thinkers, and improve their problem-solving skills.

If you are new to enrichment classes, you may be thinking that they are only available for kids in primary school and above. But that is far from the truth, as these classes are available to even 6 months old children.

Presently, there are a lot of enrichment classes scattered around Singapore. To narrow down the best one for your little one, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Don’t fret if you are clueless about enrichment classes because this article is going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

The following article by Thenewageparents unveils some of the best enrichment classes in Singapore.

Best Enrichment Classes 2020

From budding entrepreneurs, future innovators, to charismatic speakers, we round up the best enrichment courses across the island for kids from 6 months old to Primary 6. If you’re looking for a Chinese programme for your child that is continuously strengthened and aligned with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Chinese syllabus, t’s Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School, Oral, Composition and Comprehension programmes nurture students to have the ability of independent thinking and oral skills, broadening their general knowledge beyond academic studies. Read more here.

The above article is a must-read for Singaporean parents looking for a good enrichment class for their kids. The article brought to light some of the leading enrichment centres in Singapore that will teach your kids how to read, write, speak English, and most importantly, have fun. If you want an enrichment center that can boost your kid’s brain development and IQ, the following article is for you.

 The following article by Openschoolbag sheds light on some enrichment classes that focus on Brain Development.  

6 Enrichment Centers for Singapore Kids focused on Brain Development

In our last series of this trilogy on enrichment centers, we bring you centers that are focused on anything else besides language. We ask ourselves the difference between the right brain and the left brain. After checking several sources, we conclude that both sides of the brain complement, just that the left brain processes information in an analytical and systematic way while the right brain is more attracted to visuals and focused more on the creative aspects. Read more here.

As can be seen in the above article, no two enrichment centers are the same. While some focuses on speech and language development, others are centered on improving the problem-solving skill of kids and helping them think analytically. The above article unveiled some 6 top-notch enrichment centers that can make your kids smarter.

 The following article by Malini Pannirselvam unveils some places with online enrichment classes that can teach your kids about arts, fitness, and music.

18 Places with Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Fitness, Arts & Music Classes!

It’s understandable if your little ones are starting to get bored or fidgety just staying indoors. After all, just how much can you even do stuck at home? Turns out, quite a lot from playing around with DIY sets and getting creative to watching movies and storytime videos. Now, here’s something else your little ones can do without leaving the house – pick up a new skill! Here are 18 places offering online enrichment classes for children of different ages and interests, from dance and language to arts and music! Read more here.

Regardless of how diligent you are as a parent, there are going to be times when certain issues or unexpected events may prevent you from taking your kids to their enrichment classes. On days like that, you can sign your kids up for online enrichment classes. Do well to go through the 18 online enrichment classes in the article above to narrow down the right one for your kids.

Final note

Enrichment classes are great for kids of all ages, as they can make them speak better, help them learn how to read, and improve their problem-solving skills.

So, instead of allowing your kids, spend most of their free time playing, sign them up for these classes.

You will be impressed by what they can do and say a couple of months after you’ve enrolled them in these classes.

A definitive guide to choosing the best enrichment classes for your kids

Most parents in Singapore know how important enrichment classes are. That is why they are willing to splash a lot of money to enroll their kids in any of the many top-notch enrichment centers in Singapore. In fact, it is now a common sight to see parents taking their kids from one enrichment center to another during the weekends.

 If you are a new parent, you should consider enrolling your little one in an enrichment center as soon as you can. Doing this will not only give them a decent shot at success in life but will also help them become better citizens in the future.

Read on to learn how to choose between the many enrichment classes available in Singapore.

The following article by Mindchamps sheds light on some tips that can help you narrow down the best enrichment class for your kids.

 5 Simple Tips for Choosing Preschool Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

Most preschools introduce foundation literacy and language lessons to young children when they enter playgroup or nursery. To enhance their learning beyond the classroom, you can look into enrichment classes that provide holistic learning in a fun environment to encourage your child to be a lifelong learner. However, if you’re stumped by the assortment of enrichment classes available for toddlers in Singapore, here are five tips to help you make a well-informed choice. Read more here.

As can be seen in the above article, the most important thing you should consider when choosing an enrichment class for your little one is their interests. So try to figure out what your kid loves to do or is passionate about. Bear in mind that enrichment classes can also help your kid do better in subjects he is currently struggling with.

The following article by Joanne Poh unveils some enrichment classes that can have a positive impact on your child’s performance right now and in the future.

 5 Enrichment Classes That Can Really Pay Off For You and Your Kid

Kids are many things—sometimes cute, sometimes bratty, but always expensive. At least in Singapore, where keeping any human being alive, whether yourself or a little version of yourself, costs a pretty penny, especially when you have to enroll them in enrichment classes. As a parent, you want to do more than keep your kid alive. You want to give him a decent shot at life and success, whatever the latter means for you. Which is why many Singaporean parents are now shelling out big bucks on kids’ enrichment classes – Read more here. 

You definitely will agree that the above article is a must-read for new parents who know little or nothing about enrichment classes. The article clearly explained why music classes, coding classes, phonics classes, and financial literacy classes are ranked among the best enrichment classes in Singapore.

 The following article by Wai Ling sheds light on some enrichment classes that can improve basically every facet of your child’s life.

 Enrichment Classes for Toddlers & Preschoolers in Singapore for Your Child’s All-Round Development

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. You provide the social-emotional stimulus for the little one to learn in joy, love, and security. Reading to your child, playing games, exploring the outdoors – spending quality time together does wonders for the development of young ones. Having set the foundation for positive learning, you can choose from a wide range of enrichment classes for toddlers and preschoolers in Singapore to further nurture all-rounded development. Read more here.

After going through the above article, you likely now know that all enrichment classes aren’t the same. You also now know some classes (language, music, logical thinking, art, and dance classes) that can speed up your child’s development. A lot of children in Singapore who took some of the classes listed in the above article went on to do well academically and socially.

Final note

As a parent, you have the freedom to enroll your kid in any enrichment center and choose basically any class.

But if you want your kid to soar and ultimately reach his potential, you should choose a class that he is interested in.

Alternatively, you can choose among the top-rated classes that offer all-round development to kids of different ages.

Challenges being faced by Teachers in Preschool

Teaching is a noble profession and teachers need patience, resilience and perseverance when dealing with kids. Children are full of energy which, if not utilized effectively can lead to messy activities. Thus, it will be the teachers’ duty at school to make students participate in productive activities so they not only get a chance to learn, also enjoy their stay at school.

There are certain challenges which mainly all preschool teachers face when teaching children.

  1. It is not easy teaching children: It is surely not easy managing, handling children, especially those who have had entered school for the first time. Also the learning capability varies from one child to another as every child’s upbringing is different. There may be certain students which have unique or special requirements and require special attention of their teachers. There may be others who are hard to sit and want to wonder around class all day long. The life of a teacher is challenging as he/she needs to fulfil the individual learning requirements of all students and come to their level of understanding. They need to come up with curriculum plan, which include both studies and extra-curricular activities as well so kids learn and enjoy equally.
  2. Teaching comes with responsibility: The job of teacher is very essential for the wellbeing of every student. After home, the second most sacred place for any child is school. Thus, they build special bonding with teacher, which is supportive, trusty and emotional. If teachers fail in providing support to students, they can do further harm in the development of their emotional and physical well-being. Apart from this, teacher has to have knowledge, skills set and awareness regarding everyday life; so they could equip children with knowledge based learning.
  3. Teaching profession is rewarding: Parents are always indebted to teachers for their contribution in the well-being of children. Teachers plan, design and engage kids in different productive and mind crafting programs, which enhance their thinking process. They lay the foundation for the future of children. Thus, they also need appreciation. Parents should acknowledge the role teachers play in the social, emotional and analytical well-being of their children. They should be encouraged and supported in every step. That is why students in Singapore want to become teachers when are asked about their future plans.
  4. Designing curriculum is crucial for Teachers: It is not easy for teachers to come up with interesting and engaging curriculum for the children, which is practical and learning based. Also, the course should be as per individual child mental capability so none of the child feels left out. A good teacher is one who comes at the mental level of their students and then decide what they need to be taught.

Every individual is unique; thus every child is unique. A good teacher understands this and recognizes the individual identity of every child and thus provides opportunity to explore it. School is the place where students have a chance to learn, try and practice. The environment of a preschool should be conducive and healthy for enhancing children requirements. If you wish to find out what are the top preschools in Singapore, visit Wonder Years Parenting Community.

Best pre-schools to look for in Singapore

It is every parents’ desire to get their child into one of the best preschools in town. The environment of the school should support creative learning opportunities for every child. If you are new to preschool Singapore and want to have an idea about different schools operate here, then this article will help you in your endeavour.

Montessori with customized approach:

There are certain preschools in Singapore which have customized approach for meeting requirements of every child. The curriculum is designed to offer a number of programs for every level, i.e., kindergarten, nursery and pre-nursery. This way, every child will get sufficient attention in class. Teachers also are able to give their maximum time and attention to every individual student. The entire schedule is designed to accommodate children, rather than forcing them to follow strict guidelines.

Preschool with Enhanced individual creativity:

Every parent in Singapore would want their children to learn something new every day. Thus, some preschools offer a curriculum which gives the child freedom to explore and develop his individual talents. Kids learn better in free environment, under the guidance of teachers and a designed curriculum. There is always some flexibility to welcome changes in the curriculum design based upon the feedback from the parents and learning capabilities of every child. Small kids from the age of 36 months to 6 years get comfortable environment, which is safe, sound and learning oriented. Read more about preschools here.

Continuous learning preschool:

Learning is a continuous process and those schools which keep updating their curriculum with passing time are successful and preferred by most parents. Since demands and learning requirements are constantly being evolved and so individual requirements. Thus, schools should have an environment which encourages life-long learning and creative thinking. Besides learning, there are opportunities for extra curriculum activities as well, such as singing, writing and acting on certain days in a week. Both curriculum and extra curriculum activities will help your child with a well-rounded development.

Preschools for new comers in Singapore:

For those people who have just moved in Singapore, preschool facilities offer best student life for children. These schools have environment which foster strong bond between children, their parents and teachers thus all are at one point. Teachers with their experience make it easy for new comers to get adjusted in their new environment, thus making maximum use of the designed curriculum. Children also get ample time to spend with teacher so their individual identity is not lost.

Pre-schools offering dual language:

Early school is fun for children but worrisome for most parents. Most parents want their child to have the best learning experience, which is practical-based and language-oriented. There are certain centres in Singapore, which offer courses in dual language, so children are able to communicate and learn different languages while in school. Such schools also allow kids from different ethnic, origin, socio-economic and religious background to study together, curtailing all hurdles and foster friendly environment. Children study with different students and intermingle without having to worry about their origin.

Singapore has wide range of pre-schools, offering designed and customize curriculum. School offer learning opportunity, which is practical and continuously evolving. Children need conducive environment which could enhance their sensory, motor and analytical growth and thus help them in viewing the outer world with excitement. For more parenting tips, visit Wonders Years Singapore.

Finding the best preschool for your child in Singapore

Choosing a preschool in Singapore can be a tiresome experience. Parents always want the best for their children. If the environment of the school is safe and caring, parents feel comfortable and easy at heart. Parents are more concerned with location, size of the school, schedule of activities, both outdoor and indoor, as well as the teaching profile of the school. It is of course not easy to decide which school is better, however, with this guide, you will be able to choose a preschool that suits your child.

This article will share some essential points to look for when selecting the right preschool for children in Singapore.

  1. Designing Curriculum: Pre-school in Singapore is the first major stepping stone for any child. Parents are very concerned about the school’s curriculum. Some schools follow Montessori type, others may adopt a Primary year program. The idea is to choose a curriculum which is easy for students to understand and they are able to interpret whatever they get taught. It should also be amalgamation of outdoor and indoor activities, so analytical as well as physical activities of the students could be enhanced.  At the end, approach of the school should be flexible which fosters creative thinking and socialization experiences for children.
  2. Understanding Language: Another essential component of preschools parents need to find out is the language taught in the school. Some parents may prefer a full Mandarin programme whereas others may prefer a combination of two languages, including English.
  3. Facilities being offered in the schools: Parents in Singapore are very particular about the facilities being offered in the school are concerned. The size of the school, ambiance, outdoor play activities and overall environment where kids stay for most part of their day.
  4. Money matters: This would probably be one of the most critical factor of consideration for many parents in Singapore. Some parents would be willing to pay a higher amount for better school facilities. Since the preschool is the place where a child spends most of time at, it has to be comfortable for children. One can find many preschools, each offering different school fees. Hence, it’s up to parents as what they decide for their children.
  5. Timings of the School: The duration and the timing of the school determines the extend of separation anxiety of parents. Normally for first time parents, this period will seem like eternity. Furthermore, kids are not accustomed to live away from home for longer duration. Thus, the timing of the school should be shorter for easy adjustment for your kids.
  6. Strength of the students in class: The ratio of teachers versus students need to be small as well. In such schools, teachers are then able to give maximum time and attention to every child. So always prefer schools, which has minimum student versus teacher ratio.
  7. Where exactly that school should be: The location of the preschool should also be near your home. Always look for schools which are not too far from your home because children will feel safe just with the thought of staying close to home.

Parents need to analyse the various factors, some of which are mentioned above when decide about the selection of preschool for their children. Kids need special attention once they shift from the home environment to classroom environment, this they should be dealt with special care. Find out more about preschools in Singapore at Wonder Years Parenting Portal.


MHTS reserves the right to revise the procedures for admission or graduation, or to modify the staff, to change or modify content of the materials of any course, change tuition fees, class schedules and any other regulations affecting the student body. Such as, but not limited to, suspending or dropping any student whose attendance, conduct, or academic performance does not meet the requirements set forth by MHTS. Initially all changes will commence after a written notice is given with sufficient time for the modifications to be implemented. In addition, students currently enrolled will not be affected by any changes in tuition or course length. Ultimate resolutions of all matters including readmissions of suspended or terminated students will remain with the director.

All MHTS programs emphasize professional driving, students learn not only driving skills but also,  driver and equipment safety, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Safety Rules and Regulations, and State Regulations. Our classes are conducted in either English and/or Spanish. Our Programs are offered full and part-time.

The institution offers courses in English and Spanish languages
We DO NOT offer English as a second language (ESL) classes

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For admission to Mission Hill Truck School, an interview of the applicant will be conducted by an Admissions Representative. At that time, the student will be given an admissions application to complete. In the interview, the applicant is  informed about the program itself, admissions requirements, class start dates, the requirements before performing a safety sensitive function (driving), having a negative drug test result, and school policies in general. Each applicant is given a tour of the school, if possible.

Also, during the interview it will be pointed out that if the applicant has any; DUI convictions, more than three moving violations, any Worker’s Compensation claims in the past three years, felony convictions, neck or back problems, or a non-verifiable work history, it may be difficult to secure employment with certain employers.

This institution will conduct an evaluation of previous education and training for all Veterans and eligible persons. Then accordingly we will grant appropriate credit, shorten the training period proportionately, and notify the student, VA or proper funding agency.

An Enrollment Agreement is then processed when the applicant is determined to be qualified for training. The agreement is forwarded to the School Administrator for approval. A “Notice of Students Rights” informing the student of their right to cancel the training contract is given to each student at the time of enrollment.

Hill Truck School

With Mission Hill Truck School you get whole lot more for a whole lot less!
Very flexible hours! Perfect for the working adult.
160 to 240 Hours course designed to fit your needs.
Call today for pricing and current promotions


Financing available to those who qualify.
Classes start every Monday for English and every Tuesday for Spanish.
A big time school without a big time price!
Awesome instructors with great trucks!
Call Today
Toll Free
Admissions office open Monday to Friday form 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Open Saturday by appointment only.

Open to California Residents Only.

Our purpose at Mission Hill Truck School is to prepare students to become safe professional entry-level truck drivers. The objective is to educate and prepare students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to qualify for entry level jobs in trucking industry. More emphasis is placed on safety and a thorough understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules and Regulations in the operation of heavy-duty equipment.
Mission Hill Truck School has been granted institutional approval from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational School (BPPVE) in the State of California. In California, the license to operate is issued by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education and is issued in accordance with California education Code Section 94915
In order to be accepted for training as a truck driver, an applicant must:

· Read, write and comprehend English or Spanish
· Be at least 18 years old. Minimum age for interstate driving is 21 years
· Required to obey school policies and procedures.
· Pass an ability to benefit test.
· Submit current Driver License.
· Present a Social Security card and Resident Alien Card, if applicable.
· Pass a (D.O.T.) Department of Transportation physical examination.
· Obtain a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) printout.
(Note:  if applicant has any DUI convictions, more than three moving violations on his/her driving record, any Worker’s Compensation claims in the last three years, felony convictions, back or neck problems, or a non-verifiable work history, he/she must speak to the Admissions representative so that we may determine on an individual basis whether or not any of the above conditions would prevent the applicant from obtaining a position in the truck driving industry.)
· Pass a drug screen test.
(According to the US Department of Transportation Regulation 382.103, student drivers are required to be tested although they may not yet possess a Commercial Driver License.)

Purpose and Goal

The goal at Mission Hill Truck School is to provide a quality career-oriented education for our students. Our staff is very committed to the success of  our students, not only when attending our school but for the years to come.

Getting started is easy, just contact us today to discuss this new career. Our staff will provide you with the information you need to get you on the road to success. Do not miss this opportunity!