Challenges being faced by Teachers in Preschool

Teaching is a noble profession and teachers need patience, resilience and perseverance when dealing with kids. Children are full of energy which, if not utilized effectively can lead to messy activities. Thus, it will be the teachers’ duty at school to make students participate in productive activities so they not only get a chance to learn, also enjoy their stay at school.

There are certain challenges which mainly all preschool teachers face when teaching children.

  1. It is not easy teaching children: It is surely not easy managing, handling children, especially those who have had entered school for the first time. Also the learning capability varies from one child to another as every child’s upbringing is different. There may be certain students which have unique or special requirements and require special attention of their teachers. There may be others who are hard to sit and want to wonder around class all day long. The life of a teacher is challenging as he/she needs to fulfil the individual learning requirements of all students and come to their level of understanding. They need to come up with curriculum plan, which include both studies and extra-curricular activities as well so kids learn and enjoy equally.
  2. Teaching comes with responsibility: The job of teacher is very essential for the wellbeing of every student. After home, the second most sacred place for any child is school. Thus, they build special bonding with teacher, which is supportive, trusty and emotional. If teachers fail in providing support to students, they can do further harm in the development of their emotional and physical well-being. Apart from this, teacher has to have knowledge, skills set and awareness regarding everyday life; so they could equip children with knowledge based learning.
  3. Teaching profession is rewarding: Parents are always indebted to teachers for their contribution in the well-being of children. Teachers plan, design and engage kids in different productive and mind crafting programs, which enhance their thinking process. They lay the foundation for the future of children. Thus, they also need appreciation. Parents should acknowledge the role teachers play in the social, emotional and analytical well-being of their children. They should be encouraged and supported in every step. That is why students in Singapore want to become teachers when are asked about their future plans.
  4. Designing curriculum is crucial for Teachers: It is not easy for teachers to come up with interesting and engaging curriculum for the children, which is practical and learning based. Also, the course should be as per individual child mental capability so none of the child feels left out. A good teacher is one who comes at the mental level of their students and then decide what they need to be taught.

Every individual is unique; thus every child is unique. A good teacher understands this and recognizes the individual identity of every child and thus provides opportunity to explore it. School is the place where students have a chance to learn, try and practice. The environment of a preschool should be conducive and healthy for enhancing children requirements. If you wish to find out what are the top preschools in Singapore, visit Wonder Years Parenting Community.