Best pre-schools to look for in Singapore

It is every parents’ desire to get their child into one of the best preschools in town. The environment of the school should support creative learning opportunities for every child. If you are new to preschool Singapore and want to have an idea about different schools operate here, then this article will help you in your endeavour.

Montessori with customized approach:

There are certain preschools in Singapore which have customized approach for meeting requirements of every child. The curriculum is designed to offer a number of programs for every level, i.e., kindergarten, nursery and pre-nursery. This way, every child will get sufficient attention in class. Teachers also are able to give their maximum time and attention to every individual student. The entire schedule is designed to accommodate children, rather than forcing them to follow strict guidelines.

Preschool with Enhanced individual creativity:

Every parent in Singapore would want their children to learn something new every day. Thus, some preschools offer a curriculum which gives the child freedom to explore and develop his individual talents. Kids learn better in free environment, under the guidance of teachers and a designed curriculum. There is always some flexibility to welcome changes in the curriculum design based upon the feedback from the parents and learning capabilities of every child. Small kids from the age of 36 months to 6 years get comfortable environment, which is safe, sound and learning oriented. Read more about preschools here.

Continuous learning preschool:

Learning is a continuous process and those schools which keep updating their curriculum with passing time are successful and preferred by most parents. Since demands and learning requirements are constantly being evolved and so individual requirements. Thus, schools should have an environment which encourages life-long learning and creative thinking. Besides learning, there are opportunities for extra curriculum activities as well, such as singing, writing and acting on certain days in a week. Both curriculum and extra curriculum activities will help your child with a well-rounded development.

Preschools for new comers in Singapore:

For those people who have just moved in Singapore, preschool facilities offer best student life for children. These schools have environment which foster strong bond between children, their parents and teachers thus all are at one point. Teachers with their experience make it easy for new comers to get adjusted in their new environment, thus making maximum use of the designed curriculum. Children also get ample time to spend with teacher so their individual identity is not lost.

Pre-schools offering dual language:

Early school is fun for children but worrisome for most parents. Most parents want their child to have the best learning experience, which is practical-based and language-oriented. There are certain centres in Singapore, which offer courses in dual language, so children are able to communicate and learn different languages while in school. Such schools also allow kids from different ethnic, origin, socio-economic and religious background to study together, curtailing all hurdles and foster friendly environment. Children study with different students and intermingle without having to worry about their origin.

Singapore has wide range of pre-schools, offering designed and customize curriculum. School offer learning opportunity, which is practical and continuously evolving. Children need conducive environment which could enhance their sensory, motor and analytical growth and thus help them in viewing the outer world with excitement. For more parenting tips, visit Wonders Years Singapore.