Finding the best preschool for your child in Singapore

Choosing a preschool in Singapore can be a tiresome experience. Parents always want the best for their children. If the environment of the school is safe and caring, parents feel comfortable and easy at heart. Parents are more concerned with location, size of the school, schedule of activities, both outdoor and indoor, as well as the teaching profile of the school. It is of course not easy to decide which school is better, however, with this guide, you will be able to choose a preschool that suits your child.

This article will share some essential points to look for when selecting the right preschool for children in Singapore.

  1. Designing Curriculum: Pre-school in Singapore is the first major stepping stone for any child. Parents are very concerned about the school’s curriculum. Some schools follow Montessori type, others may adopt a Primary year program. The idea is to choose a curriculum which is easy for students to understand and they are able to interpret whatever they get taught. It should also be amalgamation of outdoor and indoor activities, so analytical as well as physical activities of the students could be enhanced.  At the end, approach of the school should be flexible which fosters creative thinking and socialization experiences for children.
  2. Understanding Language: Another essential component of preschools parents need to find out is the language taught in the school. Some parents may prefer a full Mandarin programme whereas others may prefer a combination of two languages, including English.
  3. Facilities being offered in the schools: Parents in Singapore are very particular about the facilities being offered in the school are concerned. The size of the school, ambiance, outdoor play activities and overall environment where kids stay for most part of their day.
  4. Money matters: This would probably be one of the most critical factor of consideration for many parents in Singapore. Some parents would be willing to pay a higher amount for better school facilities. Since the preschool is the place where a child spends most of time at, it has to be comfortable for children. One can find many preschools, each offering different school fees. Hence, it’s up to parents as what they decide for their children.
  5. Timings of the School: The duration and the timing of the school determines the extend of separation anxiety of parents. Normally for first time parents, this period will seem like eternity. Furthermore, kids are not accustomed to live away from home for longer duration. Thus, the timing of the school should be shorter for easy adjustment for your kids.
  6. Strength of the students in class: The ratio of teachers versus students need to be small as well. In such schools, teachers are then able to give maximum time and attention to every child. So always prefer schools, which has minimum student versus teacher ratio.
  7. Where exactly that school should be: The location of the preschool should also be near your home. Always look for schools which are not too far from your home because children will feel safe just with the thought of staying close to home.

Parents need to analyse the various factors, some of which are mentioned above when decide about the selection of preschool for their children. Kids need special attention once they shift from the home environment to classroom environment, this they should be dealt with special care. Find out more about preschools in Singapore at Wonder Years Parenting Portal.