MHTS reserves the right to revise the procedures for admission or graduation, or to modify the staff, to change or modify content of the materials of any course, change tuition fees, class schedules and any other regulations affecting the student body. Such as, but not limited to, suspending or dropping any student whose attendance, conduct, or academic performance does not meet the requirements set forth by MHTS. Initially all changes will commence after a written notice is given with sufficient time for the modifications to be implemented. In addition, students currently enrolled will not be affected by any changes in tuition or course length. Ultimate resolutions of all matters including readmissions of suspended or terminated students will remain with the director.

All MHTS programs emphasize professional driving, students learn not only driving skills but also,  driver and equipment safety, Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Safety Rules and Regulations, and State Regulations. Our classes are conducted in either English and/or Spanish. Our Programs are offered full and part-time.

The institution offers courses in English and Spanish languages
We DO NOT offer English as a second language (ESL) classes

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