For admission to Mission Hill Truck School, an interview of the applicant will be conducted by an Admissions Representative. At that time, the student will be given an admissions application to complete. In the interview, the applicant is  informed about the program itself, admissions requirements, class start dates, the requirements before performing a safety sensitive function (driving), having a negative drug test result, and school policies in general. Each applicant is given a tour of the school, if possible.

Also, during the interview it will be pointed out that if the applicant has any; DUI convictions, more than three moving violations, any Worker’s Compensation claims in the past three years, felony convictions, neck or back problems, or a non-verifiable work history, it may be difficult to secure employment with certain employers.

This institution will conduct an evaluation of previous education and training for all Veterans and eligible persons. Then accordingly we will grant appropriate credit, shorten the training period proportionately, and notify the student, VA or proper funding agency.

An Enrollment Agreement is then processed when the applicant is determined to be qualified for training. The agreement is forwarded to the School Administrator for approval. A “Notice of Students Rights” informing the student of their right to cancel the training contract is given to each student at the time of enrollment.